Monday, 31 May 2010

The lion, the witch and the bog

My toilet is Narnia. one day the seat is fine, the next it's up and porcelain incidents occur and then horror of horrors you go there in the dark because bursting too much for a wee to care about turning the light on/don't want to disturb the sleeping kids with the click of the pully thing.....

I peed on the bog lid! because the fucking lid was down instead of up.

Maybe not Narnia, more 'nana for not looking/feeling. but one was desperate and when is so they just whip down the leggings/up the skirt, down with the cacks and let flow. especially after you have given birth to 2 kids and your bits ain't what they used to be and can't hold it as good as you were able when you were 19.

I have a theory that our visitor who does the dance of the bog is perhaps winding me up. perhaps next time ill go to sit down in the dark and end up with my arse implanted through the kitchen ceiling because the bog has been removed.

As an aside, where have all the amusing status updates gone? Do I scare you all and thus you keep safe and away from amusing me for fear of appearing in the blog?

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