Thursday, 3 June 2010

facebook is a terrorist

A rant if I may...

Thank you Facebook for informing me via notifications that people have replied to my posts or to posts I have either replied to or liked. Please, however, fuck off. A while back one could view what notifications they wanted to and ignore others and be left in peace. Now you wont allow this, I must click on and view every sodding notification and even then you don't cease to tell me I have 3 notifications [or however many]. Also, if I view a notification i can't read the fuckin status because the notification list stays open and then when I have finished obeying you commands they still don't fuck off unless I close my browser and reopen it.


And Farmville can fuck off withering my crops before they were out of date. And being slow and generally cocked up.

I have come to think you are a terrorist alongside my washing machine and fridge. Not to mention my Dyson [my yellow, not my purple] that started smoking like a 60 a day smoker, coughed and spluttered like a pensioner with emphysema because it couldnt cope with a little mess in the kids room a while back. You are a vaccum claner FFS, it's what you are made to do.

Yes I had 2 Dyson's because I am greedy and saves lugging one up the stairs.

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