Sunday, 27 June 2010

England team is a terrosist

I could post hundreds of status updates fromn Facebook today but they all state the basic same message that is England are shit.

so have these two photos as a sign of disgust at 11 overpaid twats who played like a bunch of girls and pretty much rolled over and died...

OK scrap that, cant upload images. bastard internet. so picture for yourself a dog mauling an england flag and a pic of my flag in my bin in the kitchen.

i didnt see the match as i was commited to a 'teddy bears picnic' in the park with my kids nursery. neednt have bothered as i didnt know anyone as they were the poshos whos kids obviously dont attend the 2 days mine dont.

attempted to listen to the match on me iphone on an app called 'radiobox' but it kepy cutting off and buffering so i has a 4 min delay.

kind of glad i missed such a poor display if what the commentator and chris waddle in the background souting, ranting and hammering the desk in frustration was anything to go by.

england you have been consistently shit this world cup and deserved to lose. a bunch of overpaid prima-donnas. let a pub side with loads of [assion play, bet they'd do better.

an utter disgrace. and whgere the fuck was crouch given his score record for england? whats the fucking deal with hesky the useless cunt?

so have this as a sign off from this non facebook rant...

BBC News: As part of the new Emergency Budget the Tories have decided to crack down on benefits abusers. The main target will be persons fraudulantly claiming wages, for work they don't do. The England football team have apparently fled the country and were unable to make a comment.

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