Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Facebook is a terrorist or is it me?

So since my last blog there have been sod all random funnyness worthy a mention from the world of Facebook. But boy I have rants and stuff that have happened in the outside world. So, I assume Facebook friends have decided to hide from me? I know Facebook is a right royal pain in the arse these days...no status updates from people for ages then you see one yet they've been there all along happily updating. Having to 'virtual stalk' friends profiles to see what they've been up to. And no, I haven't been blocked or removed.

And our beloved Facebook keeps sharing our personal information despite their security settings which we all follow. It's running alive with "OMG I can't believe how rank this dirty old happy sock is" type 'click to like and see the picture' type hacks/viruses there are. Facebook, why are you allowing this? from the "OMG Disneys hidden peado message" to the "OMG how rank is this 2 week old Mcdonalds burger".

The phrase OMG should be, and I advise all to do this, IGNORED. you will not see anything because clicking LIKE will not reveal Pinocchio giving Snow White a blowy or a crusty green furry thing passing itself off as a burger. Instead it will eat into your profile and inform everyone that they 'liked it' and then off you go and like it and thus is worms it's way through your friends and their friends.

How do I know? I 'liked' something. forget what it was but fucking pointless despite the well written 'OMG this actually works' tripe on the feed.

So fuck off with OMG.

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