Sunday, 2 May 2010

Do you sell curtains?

clever dog you have there. all mine is useful for is barking incessantly at my mum, having a pop at other dogs, smelling, shitting and drooling in my slippers when i'm sleeping. dirty get.

chuck? My mind boggles....I take it you mean a chicken as in chook but chuck is vomit. nom nom nom vomit spuds anyone? roast vom and mashed tatties? will there be carrots?

ahh yes, the classic customer. we had one when i worked in a well known cheap crap food store who kicked up a fuss because the blender she brought didn't include the fruit depicted on the box. another used to swap the small eggs for the large eggs so as to get out of paying the extra 11p. my favourite customers are the ones who ask 'do you work here?' I just like wearing a company badge bearing my name/I get a kick out of wearing this uniform.

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