Monday, 3 May 2010

It is shit

indeed it is shit. after chuckling at my drunken rambling from last night I discover the irritant is Usher and the shit is titled OMG. OMG indeed at how irritating it is. and yes, it is shit.

when I requested this cactus for Farmville it dawned on me how much it resembled a Rampant Rabbit. now I dont own one of those but we all know what they look like. imagine a prickly version. what sort of person would enjoy that? would there be a market in 'ripper rabbits', 'spiny hares', 'barbwire bunnies'? if there's a market in men who like to dress as babies and get bitty off equally odd women then there has to be some kind of oddball wandering the planet looking for a prick-le....

I love this. if I was a dog after postmen and burglars I think a politician would be next on my list of things to bite. sod bones and pigs ears, a yummy chunk of lying fucker would go down a treat.

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