Saturday, 1 May 2010

Tits on the radio

it's very true. didn't have enough characters though to include Tim Westwood, David 'Kid' Jensen and the entire Capital Radio and Kiss DJ list. Especially that bloke [Steve I think] who used to do the breakfast show on Kiss. He was a tit, an effing rude one at that.

can't say i've had the pear dream but I once dreamt about being chased by a giant banana that was throwing raspberries at me. I was ok though as I was wearing my tin foil hat.

fartage. men and fartage. to me a dutch oven is something the cafes over there dry their grass in before sale. not saying I don't fart, believe me I do and I may have mentioned it before on Facebook when I was pissed but....oh hang on, I think I might actually belong to a group on there about fart smelling...erm....nothing to see here please move along....

...probably. If my dog came in my house with a shitload of plants I wouldn't pat it, say good boy and feed the bugger. I would hoof it up the arse and then attempt to replant my pretty flowers. Whilst popping the dogshit in a bag.

sometime I get a bit angry or need to vent and where better than on Farmville with use of my crops. or my hay bales [they read TWAT].

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