Tuesday, 4 May 2010

'are you dead?, yes we can fit you in'...

and you are suprised because? in Mitcham and the surrounding areas live tribes of scum among us normal law obiding residents. nicking the copper pipes, bath, trashing the kitchen etc., all just a normal day for the kind of scum who give the rest of us council tenants a bad name. when we moved into our house the garden was like the fucking rain forest it was that overgrown. obviously the previous tenant didn't give two shits about the garden. when we managed to get it cut down to ground level we discovered a family of Poles living in a hut at the bottom of the garden that was made of brambles.

and you are suprised because? actually it is fucking annoying but unfortunately that is how it is these days. my surgery recently changed their phone system. 'if you would like to speak to the pharmacy please hang up and dial 02081234567, if you would like to speak to...please hang up and dial using....' etc., the option to speak to a receptionist is choice 4 which then tells you numerous occassions that you are being transferred, then you are in a queue but you call is important to them so please hold. at least I supose you don't have to call a different number. why can't they reverse the choice? by the time you've listened to the options and phone numbers for those options and then pressed 4 and waited in a queue to speak to some miserable cunt who has no medical training but still wants to ask your symptoms, your leg had turned green, fallen off and the dog is chewing it in the corner. and the simple boil that you originally had that was a bit infected has now made you a member of the Heather Mills club.

the only time you can ever get an appointment is when you are dead. 'could you come in 3.30 today?'....'erm no, i cant walk because i'm a bit stiff and i smell. a lot'

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