Tuesday, 8 March 2011

facebook goes shite

Hello. Me again...

So Facebook is now full of jokes and normal stuff, nothing thats taken my fancy. And yes im guilty of this myself. Nowt to say then its off to sickipedia for some inspiration.

however a quick poll of Wii related injuries made me chuckle:

I got the hump and let go of the nunchuck and it swang back and hit me square on the bollocks

I lost some teeth [that was all that was said]

it slipped out on my hand and whacked me hard on the arm

i've brained my kid a few times

the dog's taken a battering when it's got in the way

somehow i lost control and it slipped out on my hand and hit me square on the head

How long until the first Wii related court case for battery?

Have also discovered the wonders of www.damnyouautocorrect.com and had a few that ive submitted thanks to the wonderous technology that is the iPhone

come on guys!! more humourous realtime status updates needed

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